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Three Daze in March Mixtape

Back in 2002, our good friend and collaborator, Dave Logan, took on the challenge of creating a video for Futurology, our history of sci-fi literature meets radio drama epic masterpiece. It was a long time coming, but eventually Dave showed up with an incredible music video. Animation gives way to videogame, so be ready to blast some asteroids.
Check it out. Click here.

early tracks from the new album
I think the government is watching me (2004)
Archeteuthis (only in WMA format currently) (2004) download
classic tracks from the Acid Planet dayz
Master of the Art (2001) download
Dirt Road (2001) download
Argumentative (Blade Runner Remix) (2002) download
Futurology (2002) download
Teacher Touched Me (2000) download
tracks with Robot Underground (featuring Patient Griselda)
Beatnik Live at Mikey’s (2002) download
Joni (an Art School Tragedy) (2002) download