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Three Daze in March Mixtape

DJ Funken Wagnalls and Cottonmouth, MC have reunited and created a raw mixtape for the people. Featuring four brand new tracks and four previously rarely heard tracks from the mythical 2003 sessions, this updates the saga of our dynamic duo for 2010. Listen to the mixtape and download individual tracks in the sidebar player.

Click here to download the whole mixtape as one MP3.

Click here to download a ZIP of the whole mixtape.
(with individual MP3 tracks)

Track Listing

  1. L.I.D.s
  2. Cotton’s Theme
  3. Conscious Eyes (The Gov’t Is Watching Me)
  4. Archeteuthis
  5. Radio First Termer
  6. A Plague of Plant Pathogens
  7. On a Tuesday…
  8. Write Now (Atmosphere cover)